Black Panther Jinn

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A few Sundays ago I went to go see “Black Panther” the first week it hit theaters and was I satisfied and emotionally moved by this film overall, deeply! I decided to do this little rendition in honor of the film’s legendary debut and awing success (as of today it’s over $700 million according to […]

Tha Mark of Buddha™ [BLOG]

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Peace viewer, today I am announcing that will begin a weekly/monthly blog page. Our new blog page will consist of an array of interesting and informative topics, such as: updates related to rhaqim and this website, reviews on music equipment, software, and other electronics, tips and tutorials on making beats, comics, etc. We will […]

Work Work… Work!


Peace peace, visitor. I have a lot… and I mean a LOT of projects (both solo and collaborative) that I am currently working on. Right now I am focusing on my education and employment to garner up some substantial income to support all of my artistic and musical endeavors. So, with that being relayed, please […]