Melanin Jinn: Manga Series

Peace peace visitor, I am proud to announce that I am currently writing out the entire story for my original manga series named, “Melanin Jinn.” As of today I am on the 8th chapter, and best believe that I am thoroughly excited to have been blessed to be the mortal to manifest this grand work into this realm. After the story has been written out from start to finish, I will begin creating the storyboards for each chapter and volume. Being a manga-ka is one hell of an arduous task, but I do love and enjoy drawing manga (and comics) more than anything.

I actually have a lot in store for this manga series, and… I won’t divulge my intentions or plans here or elsewhere either (Haha!) So, in the meanwhile, browse, cop some artwork or posters, maybe even my first book In’Sight if you like, just to keep your mind occupied as I let the spirit flow through me in manifesting MELANIN JINN!


P.S. If you are subscribed to our YouTube channel, be patient because we will be posting content on there this Spring.

P.P.S. The cover above is only a prototype, may not use it for the final product.


Love your Afrokan roots, love yourself. Ase

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