Ending Ipseity: Paperback Edition


Would you like to discover something that is totally new?

Something so radical and profoundly life-changing?

Something so new that it will absolutely release your mind from the grip of desire, the tricks of your own thoughts, and stress?

Well then, if you’ve read on to this point then that means you’re curious, and within this book the borders of your intelligence will be severely eradicated, which will ignite a SUPREME quality of mind that most humans will NEVER experience!

Ending Ipseity,  which is rhaqim’s second book, is an ontological exposition on the existential nature of the human psyche. This manuscript will have your mind sharply alert to each and every movement of thought after you read it. This book is truly a manual and blueprint for mapping out all of your undesired habitual tendencies and rectifying them with unmitigated attention. If you are tired of or curious about ending your unawareness of the functionality of your own mind and thinking, then it is highly recommended that you invest in Ending Ipseity. Yes, that’s right, we said INVEST in this book! That’s how valuable it truly is! It’s not a typical “spiritual” book on mediocre and generic “meditation” methods, it is by far a SELF-EVIDENT manual that guides you to the very root of yourself and the mysterious hidden power that makes up that very ‘self.’ If you had or even have any idea about so called “enlightenment” then we firmly recommend that you read this book, because after you’re done you will have to totally reexamine your idea of the word!

We absolutely GUARANTEE you that you’ll be wholeheartedly thanking the author for this book, for the world has NEVER seen such an epic work written in this way before!

Discover the Truth behind the mystery of time and space…

Explore very deeply into uncharted regions of your mind…

And develop an inner-awareness of yourself that is mightier than the depths of the oceans.

Don’t you want freedom from your uncontrolled thought-patterns? Don’t you wish to be able to stop all your anxiety simply by WILL and not by pill?

If you are saying YES then go ahead and purchase the book today before the sale ends!

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