Melanin Jinn: Manga Vol. 1 [Chapter 1]


This is chapter one of the Melanin Jinn manga series. It is the only chapter that has been made thus far with the intention of continuing the series based on our audience’s feedback. The more people cry “WE WANT MORE MELANIN JINN!” the more we will endeavor to complete this unique manga series.

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Story: The main character, “Piyo Gutu,” who is a mysterious being made of stone, plummets from the void of Absolute Nothingness only to crash into an endless dimension of sand. He lands head first, buried for 1,000 years until he suddenly arose from his long upside down slumber. Piyo wanders through the dimension of sand until he stumbled upon a mysterious black box, which opened up to unveil an erratically laughing dark figure named “Jingili” who is the creator of the Melanin Jinn. Jingili summoned a jinn to attack Piyo, then came another jinn by the name of “Unga Booga” who saved Piyo by defeating the jinn. Unga Booga has a lot of insight for Piyo as to who he is, his power, and the identity of Jingili. Unga then befriended Piyo Gutu so they can escape from the mysterious dimension of sand by searching for the otherworldly Masks that are the gateways to the Primordial (Original/First) Plane of Existence where the Creator god “rhaqim” rests. The two embark on their wild journey in hope to escape from the confines of “nonexistence” by awakening rhaqim from his eternal slumber so that he can make them manifest into physical (Earthly) reality.

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