Tha Mark of Buddha Mixtape [2021]

Peace and infinite blessings unto you, reader. I am proud to announce that my Tha Mark of Buddha Mixtape project is near its completion (on the music side). I’ve been working on this project for the last 3 years.

I first began recording tracks for this mixtape back in 2018, a year that I would never forget when it comes to so many life and inward changes due to complicated challenges. At the time, the overall idea for the mixtape was vague. I would get random song ideas that would pop into my head during my normal day-to-day life. So, as those song ideas came I would record them on my phone’s mic and mix them down in FL Studio 12. Obviously I didn’t have a mic, but I made use of what I had… for instance, take the track For My Gods & Goddesses (Fuck.Wit.Tha.Mark.of.Buddha. “FWTMB”), my vocals for this track were recorded directly onto my old LG android phone. A few of the earlier songs I recorded for Tha Mark of Buddha Mixtape were originally recorded like that. However, as 2019 and 2020 came around I ended up re-recording a lot of these songs and takes (excluding For My Gods & Goddesses) on actual condenser microphones to adhere to “better quality.”

Despite being in an era of super-polished and well-clean recording and engineering for popular Rap, I tend to stick with the ol’ school dirty Hip-Hop approach to recording and even mixing, because like fat jon the ample soul physician once said in an interview on the web years ago… “Hip-Hop is a dirty music, it was never meant to be clean.” With that being said, expect to hear all the raw, dirty, grittiness a real Hip-Hop tape will have, although I have endeavored very meticulously to obtain “cleaner” mixes on the vocals and songs like WOKE!, Wisdom Knowledge of Self, Half Moon, and other tracks on the mixtape; but, for the most part, the tape is RAW and as underground as it gets.

Tha Mark of Buddha and this mixtape isn’t for getting on the charts, being recognized as a “new upcoming artist,” or trying to fit into the limelight of anyone’s expectations of today’s “standards” of Rap or mainstream notoriety, this project is for the CULTURE of Hip-Hop, Tha Mark of Buddha Mixtape is an ode to Hip-Hop, for she has saved and elevated my Life.

Lastly, this mixtape is more than just Hip-Hop and Rap music, it is a story, an animated short, a comic/manga altogether depicting the times of today’s Rap industry and the state of the world in a hyperbolic way.

Checkout the story when you download the mixtape, find out if Tha Mark of Buddha can enlighten the world with his esoteric Hip-Hop styles.

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