Melanin Jinn 1st Showcase!


Peace and guidance viewer, today I am happy to announce that Melanin Jinn: Origin will be premiering at Circle Thrift & Artspace this First Friday. What a lovely start to my favorite month of the year (October)! This is the first showcase for the Melanin Jinn series, and it will be a month long exhibition which features my boy’s new outdoor clothing brand called “Bizzare Creature.”

There will be Melanin Jinn merch for sale, such as physical copies of the artbook/manga, the Melanin Jinn special DVD (jam packed with bonuses and behind the scenes look at the process of making Melanin Jinn: Origin and the first manga chapter), and Bizzare Creature t-shirts!

You definitely don’t wanna miss out on this grand opening and if you do, don’t fret! I will be planning many more Melanin Jinn showcases to help spread awareness about this new mysterious action cartoon/anime. All proceeds will go to the production of the fully animated Melanin Jinn pilot episode.

If you’ve already watched and enjoyed Melanin Jinn: Origin then don’t hesitate to contribute to the series’ production by either purchasing any version of the artbook or dropping any amount of $$$ in the GoFundMe campaign.

Your name and social media will be credited in the ‘Special Thanks’ credits of the pilot episode when you contribute. Thank you!

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