Tha Mark of Buddha™ Presents: Pretty Boy Naruto [IG Series]

After releasing Melanin Jinn: Origin and the first chapter of the manga volume I noticed that many people were very intrigued and even entranced by the artwork and style of the series. However, I learned a critical lesson as an upcoming artist (better yet, CREATOR)… You MUST accommodate people who are unfamiliar with your work with things they can RELATE to!

No matter how good an idea may be, or even how thoroughly well produced and unprecedented a work may be, always, in the beginning, as an artist (of any kind for that matter) you must create material that people can relate to and identify with. Because when something is “too” alien it is often gazed at from a distance, human beings require intimacy and social familiarity.

Thus, here we are, with a brand new and very relatable short Instagram manga series entitled “可愛い男の子ナルト” which translates as “Pretty Boy Naruto.” Now, before you gain any assumptions, I did NOT plan on this project whatsoever! It literally popped out of nowhere. It was like Spirit said “Hey, you know Naruto is a ‘real nigga,’ transform him into a super smooth handsome and styled-out Afro-American player who can easily get all the girls he could never get being his original self.”

Yup, and that’s pretty much how Pretty Boy Naruto has came to be. Mind you, this little series will be short, I mean 3 to 4 posts short because I do not want Masashi Kishimoto or anyone from the legal department of Shonen Jump hitting me up with threats of filing a lawsuit for remaking their character.

Hopefully, if this thing does “blow up” and go viral, perhaps Kishimoto sensei himself will find the idea interesting, as well as amusing and not smack me with copyright infringement.

Eh, we’ll see what happens, for time will tell.

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Listen to Pretty Boy Naruto’s theme music that I produced below or watch the video on YouTube.

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